Alice Frawley: By Vivi, Alice, and Hugo
"Hugo proposed on my birthday during covid in 2020. A couple of months later, I was pregnant with Vivi. It really signifies a big year of growth for us as a couple and family. Equally cherished is my Verse necklace which now has both my babies initials on it. I don’t wear a lot of jewels but these two are worn every day."
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Model Phoebe Ghorayeb photographed on 35mm film by her children Valentina, Siddy and Zaki for Verse Fine Jewellery Mother Blog
"I think by just accepting that this is our life right now and riding the wave as best we can, this in itself offers me some kind of clarity and understanding that soon enough we will get to turn a new page. Looking after your mental health is not about being in a constantly good state of mind but being able to navigate the tough times as well."
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Aimee Winchester: by Coco, Autumn, Juniper, Clementine and Daisy

"I stay healthy by eating well, I avoid most processed food and enjoy cooking nourishing food. I surf a few times a week and also try and do a lighthouse walk, I also enjoy 20-minute YouTube workouts from home. Mentally, ideally, I would meditate every day but right now it’s about once a week, I love listening to inspiring and self-improvement podcasts. I think every person's journey to good health is individual and it’s so important to do what lights “you” up!"

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