Georgia Egan: by Valentina

Georgia Egan: by Valentina

Name: Georgina Egan (better known as GG)

DOB: 29 September 1985

Place of birth: Warren, Australia

1. What do you love about being a mom?

So many things! Morning cuddles are the best. It took him ages to learn how to lie still but now we have so many snuggles. I love looking at this little boy. Every day I think... ‘we made him’ and ‘he is a part of us’. It always brings a smile to my face. Watching Axel grow is extremely rewarding. When he achieves something for the first time… When he learns a new word.... When he looks at you with his ‘I love you’ eyes. 

2. What do you find the hardest thing about being a mom?

Juggling the mum work-life balance. There have definitely been times when I feel guilty. I want to be a good mum and I also want to work. When my son arrived, it was an unusual feeling not being able to work. I have always considered myself to be an independent woman, and suddenly, someone else provides for you.

But now I have totally embraced my life as a mum and freelancer. This year Axel has started daycare two days a week. It takes the pressure off both my partner and me.  

3. What are your go-to beauty products and favourite brands?

Subtle Energies Ayurveda Aromatherapy has been my go-to. I have been using their product for years now. As I have naturally dry skin, I use everything from the facial oils, cream cleanser, serum, body oil to their Rose Hydrosol Spray (that is perfect for travelling). All through my pregnancy, I used their pregnancy oils on my belly. After Axel was born, he received many baby massages with their Baby Massage Blend. They all smell divine. Also, I love my Rohr Remedy lip balm.

4. How do you manage to stay in shape?

To be honest, since having Axel, I have struggled to find time and motivation to get back into exercising. 2019 was a massive year for us and unfortunately, this missed out. 

This year, we have lots of park hangouts and often stroll the Bondi To Bronte Coastal Walk. But alas my gym membership was never renewed. This year one of my goals is to get back into exercising. It’s so good for strong mental health. Recently I have picked up a tennis racquet and have been riding our bikes around as a family. Next, I need to jump back on my paddle-board! But really chasing after kids is obviously exercise - right?!?

5. How do you find time to rest and relax?

I love reading and listening to podcasts. Now that Axel is a bit older, he is happy to entertain himself and self-play. This means I have time to sit with him and have some me-time (even if I am constantly being interrupted). I just finished listening to Dolly Parton’s America, which I absolutely loved. I need to find my next podcast to binge.

6. Where are your favourite places to go in Sydney?

Beaches, parks, alfresco - we love being outdoors doing it all. On the weekend we will jump on the bikes and just start riding and see where the roads take us… usually to a cafe with good coffee. We have also recently found our new fave, a local Chilean cafe called Pochito. They have the best Empanadas!

7. What are your favourite things to do together?

We love going to the beach for a swim or just to play in the sand. Most weekend mornings I will take Axel to our local park/playground for an hour so Ed can sleep in. We grab coffee and something yummy from our bakery and play. I love making use of the morning, as most of us mums are used to the early rises now - Right?!

We also enjoy bike rides. He loves being on the back of daddy's bike. Watching the world go by. Babbling away. Pointing at dogs. Pressing the pedestrian light buttons. I am sure he can't wait to have a bike of his own like Valentina (his older sister).

Now that we have a little piece of grass in our backyard, I love watching him play in his splash pool, bouncing balls, and drawing with chalk. Sometimes it's the simple things that make me happy.

8. Any travel tips with small children or a new baby?

I first flew with Axel when he was three-months-old. I timed the flights with his naps, and it worked well for us. If people ask if they can do anything to help, say YES. Plus - a baby carrier when they are young is a must. They are perfect for travelling, airports and getting out and about. Have confidence in yourself as a Mum and your instincts... and don’t wear white jeans. I made sure I had a change of clothes for both of us after that. 

9. Where is your favourite place to vacation with your family?

We are yet to go on a family holiday - that doesn’t involve a wedding somewhere. But we would really like to go to Fiji or an island and just chill with some friends who have kids the same age.

10. What is your signature style and favourite fashion brands?

I am not allowed to buy any more oversized white collared shirts anymore (apparently) but I love them.  I enjoy pieces that are more masculine. Scanlan Theodore and Assembly Label are my faves at the moment. I have added a lot of linen pieces to my wardrobe lately.

Georgina wears Verse Two Letters Gold and Diamond 18-Karat Gold Necklace 

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