Jacqueline Perrett Ho: by Harriette and Henri

Jacqueline Perrett Ho: by Harriette and Henri

Name: Jacqueline Perrett Ho @jacperrett

DOB: 20 April 1983

Place of birth: Sydney, Australia 

Occupation: Communications Consultant, design and Fashion

1. What do you love about being a Mama?

So much. I love that they bring out the big kid in me. We laugh so much. The hugs are wonderful. Watching them drift off to sleep is one of my favourite things - second only to watching them sleep. Gosh, I also love consoling them and chatting through any worries they have. I love learning about them and what makes them tick, and love that there is still so much to learn.

2. What do you find the hardest thing about being a Mama?

Maintaining patience. The sleep deprivation - both Harriette and Henri still resist a civilised bedtime. The endless questions and negotiations. The "Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, MUUMMMMM!!!" It is endless. I either laugh or cry at the end of those days. The unsolicited advice (and occasional judgement) you receive as a new mum can also be pretty hard to deal with.

3. What are your go-to beauty products and favourite brands?

Ice cubes under the eye to de-puff in the morning. It hurt a little, but it’s a miracle worker after a rough night! Melanie Grant Light Therapy and bespoke facials for a special treat. Biologique Recherche P50 Exfoliant to help fade pigmentation I developed during both pregnancies. RMS Concealer for under eyes - it’s a revelation! Chanel Baume for the cheekbones and eyelids. I also wear on my lips if I’m heading out. Chanel Les Beiges Foundation - a very hydrating tint.

4. How do you manage to stay in shape?

I love pilates with Kirsten at Fluid Form. Kirsten was so helpful in fixing my abdominal separation and strengthening my core which fixed back spasms. She is fantastic! I also recently tried Body Love in Woollahra which was a fantastic class in a lovely space. And then I try and walk the Bondi to Bronte as much as I can. It’s less about the exercise, but more about headspace.

5. How do you find time to rest and relax?

By the time Harriette and Henri are asleep, we have about 30-60 minutes to decompress for bed. I am currently midway through watching all 130 episodes of Brooklyn 99. It is exactly what I want to be watching at 10pm. That show presents a very strong case for a career pivot into the NYPD! I also try my best to take an hour out of one of my workdays to exercise - which to me, is restful and relaxing. Without exercise I start feeling quite irritable, the impatience creeps back in, and I’m generally not as energised or nice to be around.

6. Where are your favourite places to go in Sydney (restaurants, cafes, kids activities etc.)?

We love to eat at Totti’s - it’s a 5-minute walk up the hill from home, and the kids will do anything (read: sit still and eat their dinner) for the Neapolitan ice cream sandwich dessert. We also love having grilled fish and chips with friends at the Bogey Hole in Bronte. And the Health Emporium is a local place we frequent regularly for their coco whip soft serves and loco love chocolates.

7. What are your favourite things to do together?

  • Mackenzie's Bay is our favourite spot for swimming and rock walks. We spend the majority of our weekends down there with Lily - our rescue dog.
  • Camping at Turon Gates near Mudgee is really pretty and so nice to get the kids away from toys and their regular activities. They don't argue when we’re camping, so we plan to do much much more of it.
  • We also love just our ‘stoop hangs’. We don’t have a stoop as such, but we tinker in the garage and draw chalk on the footpath outside our house. And sometimes make fresh lemonade for the kids to sell to passers-by.

8. Any travel tips with small children or a new baby?

I wish I took this piece of advice, but I would encourage parents to travel before your baby is on the move. We took a long haul to NY when Henri was two and I cried three hours in... wishing we parachute out of the plane. It was the longest 24 hours I’ve ever experienced. I’m too scared to give my kids anything on the flight like Phenergan, so we didn’t do any long haul trips with the kids for 2 years after that episode… Now that Henri is four, we travel well.  Giving them something to eat or drink during taking off and landing will help with those ear pops. And for older children - bring an iPad pre-loaded with suitable apps and movies (you never know when your in-flight TV set is going to stop working.)

9. Where is your favourite place to vacation with your family?

Camping at Turon Gates - and now that they’re a little older - we love to go skiing in Madarao - a small Japanese ski resort 2 hours from Tokyo with lots of wonderful Japanese restaurants.

We recently came back from a wonderful trip to Mallorca - this was such a great place for the kids as we had a great pool at the villa, plenty of sandy beaches, and calm water to swim in. I think anywhere the whole family can be together is wonderful. That time is just so precious and is the only time when we can all be very present, relaxed, and content.

10. What is your signature style and favourite fashion brands?

I don’t know how to describe my style... I suppose at its core it’s pretty simple. Modern, and boyish with a soft side to it. I love Matin for the most versatile and lovely dresses and shirts. I must mention bassike for perfectly cut pants and the best organic cotton t.shirts. And I live in my FEEL Jeans (take a size up from your usual size). In another life, I would love to be swishing around in those magnificent, dreamy Valentino gowns. One day! Phoebe Philo’s Céline dominates my shoe and bag collection.

And I always wear my Verse Two Letters 18-Karat Gold solid HH necklace, as well as my engagement ring, and wedding rings by Marc Alary and Cartier (vintage) respectively.

Jacqueline wears Verse Two Letters 18-Karat Gold Necklace 

Jacqueline Perrett Ho Tamarama

Jacqueline Perrett Ho Tamarama

Jacqueline Perrett Ho Tamarama

Jacqueline Perrett Ho Tamarama

Verse Fine Jewellery Jacqueline Perrett Mama Muse Tamarama 12

Jacqueline Perrett Ho Tamarama

Verse Fine Jewellery Jacqueline Perrett Mama Muse Tamarama

Jacqueline Perrett Ho Tamarama


Film photography: Harriette (7) and Henri (4)